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Interactive Demos

Our experience in creating Interactive Demos goes back to more than 8 years, we have created at least 5 interactive demos for large corporations, most of these demos are still used by their sales/marketing team after all these years which by itself speaks a lot, mainly for the reason for method in which the projects were approached at.


This is one of the most important sales/marketing tools being used in the current scenario. As we are from the software/web industry, we understand need of E-brochure for our clients and have expertise in giving a complete solution for the same including design and layout for the E-brochure.

Corporate Identity

We would say that this is an extension to our web and graphic design work as we would have catered to most of our client’s requirement in terms of designing logo, website, e-brochure etc., which includes most of the tools required for set-up and marketing of a new company or revamping of an existing structure of a company.

R I A – Rich Internet Applications

stands as a leader in terms of services being sought by most of our clientele today. The likes of highly interactive gadgets and games have increased human perception of UI (User Interface), our clientele are looking for their presentations and applications to be on lines of latest inventions, if not they are at least gathering ideas on how different their application or presentation could be, we ensure that each of our offerings is distinctive and noticeable from one another. Our team is up to the challenge of coming up unique solutions which satisfies the client and the users alike. Our engineers in RIA team are among the most passionate and creative people in the industry with a collective experience of 12 years.

C M S - Content Management Systems

CMS is one of our key service offerings. We have a full fledged team which works exclusively on CMS implementations and have mastered the art of constructing plug-ins with minimum turn around time in hand, based on client’s business needs.Seven CMS implementations have been successfully completed by Team Tatwaa in the last fourteen months with an incredible average of one implementation every 60 days. Team Tatwaa’s CMS team has evolved beyond the basic frame work of CMS to ensure that client derives maximum benefit from shift in technology i.e. from static web to highly dynamic CMS.

I D C - Interactive Digital Catalogs

Our web-multimedia team has a focus on extensive programming in multimedia enabling our clients to get an output to suit our creative team’s imagination and on most occasions surpassing client’s expectations in terms of delivery.

Live Audio/Video on-demand Streaming Solutions

We have successfully implemented an online audio/video streaming solution to aid teaching of mental mathematics to children in the United States. This project was done for one of our existing clients; we would not be able to divulge more information on a public domain as we are bound by a Non-disclosure agreement from our client. However, for clients looking in for a solution on similar lines, we could set up a demo.
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